About LadyCelt

I am passionate about good design, engaging photography, helpful technology, and delicious coffee. When it’s time to relax and unwind, I can be found crocheting or coloring, sometimes with a pint of Guinness or a good single malt.

I am married to a creative leathercrafter with an engineer’s skill set and a love for motorcycles. We spend much of our time together riding and hanging out with our biker friends. (And before that freaks you out, they are on the good side of the law, not outlaws.) We are owned by two house panthers who are frequent stars in my social media posts.

This website provides the opportunity for me to share my knowledge and experience in the several arenas that have captured my interests. If you have a question or suggestion for a post, feel free to drop me a line.

-Julie Manning
Chief Everything Officer, LadyCelt

Please note: I do make use of affiliate links on this site. This means that if a purchase is made via a tagged link that I’ve shared, the vendor will share their revenue with me. This is a common practice throughout the interwebs and helps to ensure that information is free to you. If you would prefer not to participate, simply visit the recommended website directly. And if you’d like to thank me directly, helping me to cover the costs for the domain and hosting of this site, you can send me a donation via PayPal at jmanning at ladycelt dot net. (Email written in this manner to keep me from getting additional spam from bots that scan sites for addresses.)

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